ExplorIS - helping you take control of exploration

ExplorIS helps you make informed decisions and maximise your exploration dollars.

At ExplorIS, we speak your language

With 25 years exploration and relevant IT experience, we understand the realities and complexities of the exploration business and can quickly fit into your business.

Reducing Costs

Not every company can afford their own dedicated GIS staff & software. ExplorIS can bring both of these resources into your project only when you need them. This can potentially save your project tens of thousands of dollars.

Saving Time

We work fast. Extensive industry and GIS system experience means ExplorIS can offer rapid turnaround on all projects. Your GIS costs just got even lower.

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Reducing Complexity

ExplorIS handles the drudgery and complexity of merging, analysing and displaying your exploration data. We use powerful MapInfo/Discover and Micromine software to merge, analyse and present a wide range of data types.